Announcement Recent Bugfixes in HardcoreGames (and even more to come?)

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    • Recent Bugfixes in HardcoreGames (and even more to come?)

      Hello everyone,

      As I am currently preparing to launch some Bug fixes on SimpleHG, I just wanted to inform you about these changes - so that we might be able to find even better solutions for you all. For now, I have been focusing on the major 3 bugs I was told about. Alright - it's time for a quick overview.

      • Gladiator
      As you probably have noticed in the past few weeks there is/was a bug which made people able to get others autobanned for no reason by abusing gladiator in combination with vehicles. To fix that, I implemented that you cannot use the gladiator kit to challenge anyone currently riding a vehicle. Otherwise you'll trigger the Anticheat and get autobanned - as long as we do not switch to another one there won't be any other solution.

      • Endermage
      (Ab)using Endermage never did result in a cooldown until now - in order to prevent endermage abuse I thought of receiving cooldown after using the endermage portal 3 times (using does mean here the successful teleport) in 5 seconds. For now the cooldown will last 4 seconds.

      • Thor
      Blowing up netherrack boosted players in the air which caused the autoban for the effected players. That shouldn't happen anymore - if so please notify me.
      Alright thats it for now - the Update will probably be launched tomorrow globally. I'll publish it on the A1-A6 Servers now and keep those servers updated, so you'll always be in touch with the latest fixes.

      Feel free to share your opinion and have a nice day,

      (you'll find me in the teamspeak, can message me on discord (fleance#1008) or just text me here - I'll C what I can do)

      btw. sorry 4 my bad english - I hope I did not too bad : -D