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    BastiGHG Cup #1

    German translation here

    Welcome to the first Season on SimpleHG. Only 3 players can qualify with one kit (like quarter quell).
    This means that there will be 153 Players (51Kits*3=153).

    You are able to check who has the most tournament wins on this website (Click me).


    #1: 500
    #2: 150
    #3: 100

    Information about qualifying

    Start: 21st of July, 4pm / 16:00

    You are able to qualify by getting the most wins with one kit during the qualifier. If you are able to get into the top 3 of the most wins with one kit, you are qualified for the cup.

    Information about the Main-Event:

    The Main-Event will be 3 days long. Every day at 19:00 / 7pm, there will be one tournament each day.

    28th of July at 7pm / 19:00 UTC+1
    29th of July at 7pm / 19:00 UTC+1
    30th of July at 7pm / 19:00 UTC+1

    Your scores of the games are going to be added up to determine your final score.
    With every kill you get, your score will be lowered by one.

    You placed 2nd with 5 kills
  • Hello everyone,

    today I would like to introduce you to a video series on YouTube - "SimpleHG Top 5". Some of you know this video series from MCPVP. Since it was very popular on MCPVP, we decided to bring this video series back to Hardcore Games.

    Every 1-2 weeks, an episode of SimpleHG Top 5 will be uploaded on the channel of SchweiniPlaysMC (@Theschweini5399), a German YouTuber and staff member of SimpleGalaxy.
    In this video series, the most creative, stunning and best video clips are shown. You can vote for a video clip by posting a hashtag and the number of the video clip (e. g. "#3" for video clip number 3) in the comment section of the video. The winner of the voting will always be announced in the next episode. The winner will receive a week of Pro, which can be also given away to friends.
    All future episodes will have English subtitles, although the spoken text is not as important and interesting as the clips are.

    Latest Episode of SimpleHG Top 5

    Short link to this…
  • Hello everyone,

    this update is not that big; however, it brings a few changes and a new kit.

    • More players than before can now participate in a game. The slots have been increased from 100 to 120. However, the time until game start is still shortened when already 100 players are online. In addition, the required minimum amount of players to start a game has been increased again from 8 to 12 players. Enjoy larger games!
    • Arrows shot by players with a bow make now 25 % less damage. This also has an indirect effect on Archer.
    • Cocoa beans and cacti are no longer removed from ground at Pit.
    • It is no longer possible to enter beds whilst falling to prevent abuse with certain kits (e. g. Stomper) of a Minecraft fall damage exploit.
    • If you choose your kit after the game has started, items in your inventory will no longer be replaced by the kit items.
    • Players with the Media rank and higher are no longer able to extend or force the game to start if there is a player with a higher
  • Hello everyone,

    this update is not that big; however, it brings a few changes and two new kits.

    • If the game starts in more than 2 minutes, but the server is full, the game will automatically start in 1 minute. This means that you will no longer have to wait a couple of minutes when a Hardcore Games server is full.
    • The minimum needed amount of players for a game start is now shown when the game start was cancelled because there had not been enough players online.
    • Chameleon can no longer look like an Ocelot due to an invisibility issue. If you have sometimes issues seeing players or mobs, upgrade to Minecraft 1.7.10 or 1.8.9.
    • Viking is no longer as powerful as it used to be. Viking axes break now twice as fast as before (basically vanilla behavior). The damage dealt by a Viking axe has also been decreased:
      - Stone Axe (Normal Hit): 1.5 HP
      - Stone Axe (Critical Hit): 1.825 HP

      Viking (before this update):
      - Stone Axe (Normal Hit): 2.5 HP
      - Stone Axe
  • Hello everyone,

    we have just installed an update on our Hardcore Games servers. Two new servers ( and have been added and the overall Hardcore Games server performance has been improved. The annoying lag / high ping issue on certain Hardcore Games servers should have been fixed by this update. In addition, we have also made some changes to a few gameplay features and kits, which are listed below:

    • New biomes have been added, old biomes have been reworked and we have added some new structures to make the game more exciting.
    • Flint and steels do no longer have full durability in Feast chests. You will mostly find flint and steels with a durability of 20-40.
    • 1.7 players were not really able to pick up other players using Hulk - we have fixed that. Players who are sitting on a Hulk can no longer take or deal player attack damage.
    • Madman has received a small debuff: You now need at least two Non-Madmans nearby in order to apply the Madman effect to other nearby

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