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    DECEMBER 2017

    Hello everyone,

    this update brings a bunch of changes and five new kits. The new biomes are out now! The other changes are going live in a bunch of hours. In addition, we have also started a 20% discount on all premium memberships in our store until 27.12.2017 6pm MEZ.

    • New clan system (clan leaderboard)
    • 9 new biomes and some adjustments on the old ones
    • Minifeast - no more diamonds as they are just way too overpowered, less experience bottles
    • Nicksystem changes - we grant players who are top 10 player or well-known in the community access to the nick function (
    • We have closed the application section in the forum. Do not worry, there will soon be another opportunity to apply as a trial moderator.
    • Hardcore Games Committee -
    • Kit Rotation System - At the moment all kits are free to play, that remains until 01/01/2018. There will be a new kit rotation
  • German Version below

    English version

    Hello everyone,

    we are glad to announce you the upcoming winter update on SimpleGalaxy. Quite a few things have changed during the past weeks, and are almost ready to be released.
    You can expect the update somewhere during the first or second week of December.

    HG Committee
    It's almost here! We will launch the SimpleGalaxy HG Committee, there will be an extra rank for a committee member.

    HG Updates
    We have changed a lot - minifeast loot, kit ability buffs/nerfs, ..

    Nick Function
    We will give out the nick function to certain player that need such function (eg. top scoreboard player, smaller youtuber but still known, ..)

    + Many adjustments for upcoming network changes.

    Detailed information are coming with the updatelog at release day.

    Do you have a good idea for the next update? Submit your suggestion here or vote for other suggestions


    Deutsche Version

    Hallo Zusammen,

    mit Freude kündigen wir hiermit das kommende Winter Update…
  • Hey!

    As of today, you are able to apply for the Trial-Moderator Rank on SimpleGalaxy again. All necessary information should be included in the following Document, if you need extra information feel free to ask me or any other Staff-Member on SimpleGalaxy. Just click on the link below and you will be redirected to the new application form. Good luck to all applicants!

    SimpleGalaxy Application Form

    Have a nice day,
  • Hey!

    You all might have recognized our problems with e.g the AntiCheat or cheaters in general. Not enough (active) staff, false positives detected by the anticheat result in autobans and so on. Upcoming changes and updates will hopefully end these problems. Not all changes are made final so far and we've got a lot of work to do, but I'll introduce you into the most of them:

    Not enough active staff online on SimpleGalaxy:

    Well, the resolution of this problem shouldn't be too hard. In the next days I will release a new application form for you and re-read all posted applications here in the forum. The result shall be a whole bunch of new trial-moderators to complete the rest of our active staff. There will be an extra post for that - I'll keep you updated.

    Finally - a report system:

    SimpleGalaxy never had a report-system which had the result that hackers were able to play a full round of e.g. HG without being banned. I developed a Report-System which will be released as soon as…
  • Hello everyone,

    As I am currently preparing to launch some Bug fixes on SimpleHG, I just wanted to inform you about these changes - so that we might be able to find even better solutions for you all. For now, I have been focusing on the major 3 bugs I was told about. Alright - it's time for a quick overview.

    • Gladiator
    As you probably have noticed in the past few weeks there is/was a bug which made people able to get others autobanned for no reason by abusing gladiator in combination with vehicles. To fix that, I implemented that you cannot use the gladiator kit to challenge anyone currently riding a vehicle. Otherwise you'll trigger the Anticheat and get autobanned - as long as we do not switch to another one there won't be any other solution.

    • Endermage
    (Ab)using Endermage never did result in a cooldown until now - in order to prevent endermage abuse I thought of receiving cooldown after using the endermage portal 3 times (using does mean here the successful teleport) in 5 seconds.…

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