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    Hello everyone,

    we have just installed an update on our Hardcore Games servers. Two new servers ( and have been added and the overall Hardcore Games server performance has been improved. The annoying lag / high ping issue on certain Hardcore Games servers should have been fixed by this update. In addition, we have also made some changes to a few gameplay features and kits, which are listed below:

    • New biomes have been added, old biomes have been reworked and we have added some new structures to make the game more exciting.
    • Flint and steels do no longer have full durability in Feast chests. You will mostly find flint and steels with a durability of 20-40.
    • 1.7 players were not really able to pick up other players using Hulk - we have fixed that. Players who are sitting on a Hulk can no longer take or deal player attack damage.
    • Madman has received a small debuff: You now need at least two Non-Madmans nearby in order to apply the Madman effect to other nearby
  • Hello everyone,

    as you have already realized, we have changed our server name and domain.
    This is a part of a large update we have already been working on for weeks.
    However, some of you might ask oneself why we have changed our server name. The answer is quite simple: We are planning to expand. There aren't many Soup PvP servers left - and we would like to change that again!
    We are already working on new Soup PvP gamemodes. We can not say much about the upcoming gamemodes right now, but we will release teasers soon. All these upcoming gamemodes will be a part of the SimpleGalaxy Network. SimpleHG is the first gamemode which becomes a part of the SimpleGalaxy Network.
    Do not worry - not much is going to change for you at the moment.
    I am going to list some things that have been changed by this update.

    • We will release our new website very soon which will provide more gameplay information and features.
    • Our forum has been updated to support multiple gamemodes. Username and avatar
  • Hello everyone,

    our servers and website will be unavailable on December 25th at 5 pm MEZ for a couple of hours. Our forum will be temporarily unavailable for a short period of time. The TeamSpeak³ server may restart during the maintenance.
    We are upgrading our network infrastructure and bringing some new updates to you! There will be many cool things coming in 2017.
    We will make another post about the changes and updates once we're done with maintenance. In this topic we will keep you up-to-date.
  • Hello everyone,

    we're currently experiencing a drastical increase of cheaters on our servers within the last days. We know that this high amount of cheaters has a huge impact on the gameplay.
    As a result, we have taken some measures so that cheaters do no longer impact your game as much as it used to be.

    So what's new?
    • We have improved the configuration of our cheat detection.
    • Automatic bans are now way faster than before.
    • If you're about to get automatically banned, you will no longer be able to damage players or interact with the world.
    • To limit the so-called "alting" (continuing to cheat with an alternative account right after getting banned), ip addresses of cheaters will be temporary banned and our VPN detection has also been improved.

    What's coming next?
    • There will be another HG update in a few weeks.
    • The cheat detection software that we are currently using, will receive an update (which fixes lots of bypasses and bugs) very soon!
    • We will promote new trial moderators.

    We think…

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